TGM was founded by Andre Orchison, a husband and father who shaves and grows a beard.
Fed up with his razor burn and irritated skin he went on a personal mission to find the best shave possible…

TGM began in a bathroom of a small, very small, family home.  Andre shaved and again lamented that his throat was going to be red, burning and horribly itchy within an hour.
He decided to look for something better. This was way back in 2010 sometime.
Over many months he read about different products and techniques. Somewhere along the line he tried his hand at making a soothing aftershave. This along with changing and improving his shaving technique actually worked. He kept at this new method of shaving for a while. And then he kept at it for a while longer. It was working. Really well.
Andre then grew a beard for a while, he shaved it off and his old shaving method STILL WORKED!
He took a risk and offered his aftershave to some other men.
It also worked for them.
In 2016 Andre took it up as a mission to help other men experience the same smooth and effective shave. He started The Garage Man as a blog, which grew into a market stall and is now active as this online store as well.
The TGM brand is small but growing, and will always offer the best possible natural and hand made grooming products, along with selected quality grooming equipment. In a stylish modern manner.
Gentlemen are not from times gone by, they are still grooming themselves and are here today, using TGM products.

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